Arquitectura vs Industriales A, por Charl

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This past weekend indus senior A team took on one of the stronger teams in the B devision, Arquitectura.

The tension was on a high as both teams ran on the field. As the whistle blows the ball leaves the halfway line to the opponents and the battle begins. Indus fighting tooth and nail to regain possession. Both teams not giving in to pressure the fight continues through the first half and ends in a score of 7 for Arquitectura  and 3 for Industriales with Wayne Gardner slotting in a penalty for Industriales. Second half kicks off and both teams are motivated to fight for the win.

Being Penalised at the ruck was one of the key points that led to Arquitectura taking the lead in the second half and finaly taking the win of 19-11. Stephan eberson scoring a try in the corner and another penalty by Wayne Gardner contributed to indus points. On the day Indus gave everything they had but unfortunately was on the wrong side of the referee. It was a great day of rugby and i think the the outcome will be much different when these two teams take each other on in the second round on Industriales home ground.